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Interesting flavour combinations, trendy design & details with layer upon layer of homemade goodness, you've found our...

That drip though 👌 head over to _thepan
White wedding 💒🍾💍💑🍰head over to _th
Did you know your favourite local brunch
Goodbye sugar paste novelty cakes, heeelloooo trendy delicious sexy cakes! This little baby is a whi
white chocolate and berry drip cake
White chocolate + red berry buttercream with vanilla sponges
Isn't she lovely 😊
We decided to keep it simple for this decadently  chcoclately avocado layer cake with rich chocolate
Chocolate avocado cake with chcoclately and salted caramel frosting, who wants to see this flavour i
Rock n roll your way into Halloween with
Our books are open for taking bookings o
Chocolate and caramel drip cake 🍰 check
It's was a very special someone's birthd
Hellllooooooo oreo crunch layer cake ✋ message us to place an order _)
Our famous courgette and lime layer cake got all dressed up for a  30th birthday party on Christmas
trendy drip cakes kent.
'Hey duggee's' biggest fan was very very happy with his lemon cake yesterday
Too cute to eat!
Chocolate drip oreo cake
Our grapefruit and chai layer cake got all dressed up for a lovely customers birthday celebrations!
💛🔔💲💍👑🎷🎺😇 #gold
I'm telling you, this is no ordinary black forest
Just AAGGHHHHH!! Allll the emotions for this cherry chocolate lover
Throwback to chocolate orange goodness #tbt
LO-VING the watercolour frosting tequnique on this chocolate orange layer cake
4 layers of limey, pistachio-y, courgette cakey, cream cheese frosting-y goodness 😍 _#whatsyourcake
Let's be real, we've all wondered what a Nutella flavoured coffee might taste like in cake form. Wel
Details 🥂 head over to _thepantry_cakes
Trendy drip cakes from The Pantry, gravesend

Flavour comes


Courgette & lime

Salted Caramel & pecan

Oreo crunch

Grapefruit and chai

Choclate and hazelnut

Chocolate & Avocado with Salted chocolate

Blueberry and maple

Earl grey and lemon

Chocolate caramel

Coffee and walnut

Ginger and lime mention just a fewWe are always developing new and exciting flavour combinations that always get tried and tested by real customers in our shop. But, if you fancy a classic, a Victoria sponge or carrot cake for example. we're more than happy to layer that up for you!



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